What color is best for your home? 


When finding what color works best for your home, whether that is exterior or interior, color matching and assistance is provided. Colors are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in which could be combined. Not only are there types of colors, but there are types of harmonies and methods of combinations. Such examples include having a monochromatic style, meaning same color with diverse tones, or complementary style, which are two hues of color that are directly across  the color wheel. 

When painting a home, you might also consider the surrounding objects and environment. Does my location have consistent cloudy weather allowing for duller effects? Does my home stand out from other homes in the neighborhood? Does my exterior style match my interior decorating? etc.

  • Certain colors, proportionally related to tones, give out meaning and characteristics;
  • Black: elegance, confidence, strength 
  • White:  purity, influence, clean, wisdom
  • Red: bold, powerful, active, energetic
  • Orange: exotic, charismatic, instinctive
  • Yellow: bright, fun, friendly, energetic
  • Green: growth, environmental, wise, hopeful
  • Blue: peaceful, elegance, confidence
  • Purple: creative, compassionate, friendly

To introduce complementary colors on the other hand, these are two hues of color on opposite sides of the color wheel. To get more of a professional yet modern look, we aim for complementary colors to make homes stand out from neutral to basic colors. It is important to consider your furniture of home decor when it comes to these complementary colors. Do you have plants or any green in the living room? Add green as a complementary color and see a connection between walls and furniture. Complementary colors do not necessarily mean choose two opposite bright colors, but there are a variety of options for complementary neutral combinations, such like the popular; Ivory + Black + Ruby Red.

In according to the grayscale combination; it has become very popular for home to go with a more monochromatic theme. Such examples include using diverse types of greys; Abalone, Fossil Gray, Stone, etc. The purpose for these styles home in a neighborhood might be just for simplicity and profession. This combination also gives you the freedom to explore with accent colors for furniture and experiment with diverse seasons along with their ideal decorations.  

Limited on colorways and options?

Home Owner Association (HOA): Not only does the home owner have a say on what color to paint a home, but so does HOA. Working with certain painting companies like; Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, Behr, and many others, give you the ability to choose certain HOA approves colors for both the interior and exterior of your home. Many in which work in partnership, painting companies allow you to access the colors necessary for a certain neighborhood or city. We work to serve the needs of not only the home owner, but the Home Owner Association regulations as well.