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How to Choose the Right Time for Exterior Painting

Painting your home or business exterior is not something you can do at any time. Though it can be uncomfortable to perform exterior painting under the raging sun or in the dead of winter, it goes beyond that.

Today, we will explain why it’s important to choose the right time for exterior painting and we will show you what’s the ideal time of the year to do so.

You’ll be happy to know that here at Laguna Painting we can accommodate any schedule, so we’ll be able to help with your project at any time!

The Ideal Weather Condition for Exterior Painting

If you want your exterior paint job to be flawless, you need the weather on your side. How the paint dries depends on the temperature and weather conditions and it makes a difference in the finish.

The best time of the year for an exterior painting job is early summer or early fall. Check the weather for a few days before the chosen date and check weather forecasts for a few days after.

This will give you a good idea of what the weather conditions will be like. The last thing you want to do is complete your paint job only for it to rain the day after.

Another thing you need to check is the temperature fluctuation throughout the day. If the temperature is nice during the day but it drops a lot at night, the paint may crack or peel, so you won’t get a smooth finish.

You also don’t want the paint to be exposed to extremely hot temperatures because it will dry too quickly. Lastly, you need to keep an eye on humidity as it should be avoided.  

What You Should Avoid

To help you understand the ideal weather and conditions for exterior painting a bit further, here’s what you should 100% avoid:

  • Rainy days are not a good idea because you need the surface to be dry so paint application can be even.
  • Don’t paint your home or business exterior outside the seasons so you can get the best possible finish.
  • If hurricanes or monsoons are common in your area during summer, paint your exterior early in the season.
  • Don’t paint at the time of the day when the sun hits the surface directly because it will dry the paint too quickly.
  • Never paint an exterior in temperatures below 50 or 35 degrees, depending on the formula of the paint.
  • Touch the surface before painting to make sure it’s not damp due to mildew. If it is, let it dry completely.
  • Make sure you choose high-quality, long-lasting paint that can withstand weather conditions for years or decades.


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