Water Damage and the effects on your home

Living in Southern California can face us with tough weather obstacles, from raining and flooding one day, to dry sunny weather the next. With a wet season starting from October through April, Southern California’s, wet season is far from over. This is great news for us Californians; as we all know how much we need all that precious water. Unfortunately, the water can sometimes cause water damage to our homes causing many unnecessary headaches.

Water Damage is a Problem That Most Property Owners Dread

One of the most dreaded occurrences, in the eyes of property owners, is water damage. Water damage, whether it be caused by a plumbing issue or bad weather, it almost always results in a labor-intense repair. It can cause damage to valuable things you own inside, as well as the property itself. Additionally, it can also cause an increase in mold growth which as well, which results in a labor-intensive repair. If you experience water damage, it’s in your best interest to hire a plumber who can take care of both the clean-up and repair process. Plumbers are trained and know exactly what they are doing.

What Causes Water Damage?

There are numerous reasons for water damage.

Some of which are:

  • Dishwasher plumbing issues

  • Cracks in the building create an entry point for rain

  • Leaking roofs

  • Plumbing issues in general

  • Living nearby or next two moist environments  ex. Beach Homes

These are just some of the most common reasons for water damage but regardless of the reason, to prevent the damage becoming crucial, you must begin the clean-up process as soon as possible. The more time that the water is left, the more damage will be caused to your property.

Different Types of Water Damage

Before the repairs can be made, it is important to determine what type of water damage has occurred.

The different types of water damage include:

Category 1 – Water damage with clean water is not a health threat. This is typically appliance damage, e.g. blocked sinks that overflow.

Category 2 – More commonly known as “grey water”, this type of water damage implies that the water is unhealthy for human contact. This is typically linked to the toilet overflowing or sewage leakage.

Category 3 – This category is referred to as “black water”, one of the worst types of water damage. This water is unclean, full of bacteria, and will undoubtedly cause health issues.


Restoration is very important. Once the repair is complete, the next step is for the restoration job to begin. At Laguna Painting we have successfully restored water damage on drywall, stucco, wood sidings, and ceilings. We always have the right approach for the type of water damage and use the best material for the job on hand, we can keep your property intact without going over your budget.


When it comes to your health, water damage can be very damaging to your health. At first, it might not seem it, but water damage promotes mold growth; depending on the form of mold, you may end up in the hospital. From coughing fits to breathing problems, mold is something you definitely do not want to have in your home. Furthermore, the longer that you are exposed to mold, the worse the health issues can become.

To Conclude

It is essential to acknowledge the effects of water damage to your home. Conditions of homes mean a lot to us, and we want to make sure our customers are knowledgeable of what potential dangers to your home are.