I NEVER write online reviews, but I felt compelled to write a review of Laguna Painting because of the excellent experience my wife and I had when Laguna Painting painted my house.  The company did not ask me to write this review, but rather I told them I would do so based on the quality of service we received.  I had seen one negative review of Omar and the company online, so I was definitely leery of Laguna Painting.  I suspect that review was written by a competitor because it was completely opposite of the service we received.  And I write this review in hopes of reassuring potential customers that Laguna Painting is probably the best contractor we’ve ever used for any service over many decades.

I would highly recommend using Laguna Painting, based on the experience we had with Omar and his team.  In fact, I’ve already told all my neighbors and friends about them and one of them is currently getting a proposal from Laguna Painting.  It has been a pleasure to write this review and recall how what could have been a horrible experience turned into a fantastic one.

David, Yelp Review