House Painting 101: Everything You Need to Know in Orange County

Why Orange Paint is a Game-Changer for Your Home

House painting orange can breathe new life into your home, transforming it into a vibrant, eye-catching masterpiece. Whether you’re dreaming of a bold, contemporary look or a cozy, classic ambiance, orange paint can meet your design needs with its versatility and warmth.

Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know about house painting orange:

  • Creates a warm, inviting atmosphere
  • Versatile for both modern and classic designs
  • Energizes and uplifts your space
  • Pairs beautifully with complementary colors like deep navy

A fresh orange coat can evoke the vibrant energy of bold sunsets or the cozy feel of autumn. This color isn’t just for Halloween—it’s for homeowners who want to make a statement and enjoy their space to the fullest.

So, why not give your home the excitement and pleasure that comes with house painting orange?

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Why Choose Orange for Your Home?

Choosing orange for your home is more than just a color choice—it’s a lifestyle statement. Orange brings excitement and pleasure to any space, transforming it into an area of vibrancy and enthusiasm.

Excitement and Enthusiasm

Orange is a color that naturally brings enthusiasm and energy into a room. According to interior designer Jeff Hines, “The varying spectrum of orange – whether red/brown or bright and yellow – evokes positivity, excitement and warmth.” Imagine walking into a kitchen or dining area painted in a lively shade of orange; it instantly uplifts your mood and encourages lively conversations.

Feelings of Abundance and Passion

Orange also symbolizes abundance and passion. It’s a color often associated with the bounty of nature—think of ripe oranges, pumpkins, and autumn leaves. When used in your home, orange can create a sense of richness and warmth. It’s perfect for spaces where you want to feel cozy and content.

Revitalizing and Oxygen Boost

Painting your home orange can be revitalizing. The color is known to stimulate the mind and body, providing an oxygen boost. This makes it an excellent choice for areas where you want to feel invigorated, like a home office or gym. The color’s vivacious energy can help keep you motivated and focused.

Vivacious and Inviting

Orange is inherently vivacious. It brings a lively and inviting atmosphere to any room. Whether you choose a bold tangerine for a game room or a soft peach for a living room, orange can make your space feel more welcoming and dynamic.

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Real-World Examples

In a recent case study, Gilbert, Arizona-based real estate agent Stacie Neumann noted that orange works wonderfully in game rooms, kitchens, and family rooms. “The best rooms would be a game room, kitchen [or] family room. Worst rooms would be anything that is on the smaller scale, like a bedroom or bathroom,” she advises. This practical insight helps you make the best choices for your home’s layout.

Expert Insights

Interior designer Jeff Hines adds, “I have orange in almost every room in my home.” His endorsement highlights the versatility and appeal of this vibrant color. Whether you’re looking to create a focal point in your living room or add a touch of warmth to your kitchen, orange can be the perfect choice.


Choosing orange for your home is a bold move that comes with countless benefits. From bringing excitement and enthusiasm to creating a sense of abundance and passion, orange can transform your living space into a vibrant, inviting haven.

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Best Orange Paint Colors for Your Home

Tangy Orange

Behr’s Tart Orange is a perfect choice for adding youthful energy to any room. Erika Woelfel, Behr’s VP of color and creative services, describes it as a confident blend of zesty yellow and energetic red. It’s ideal for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, creating a friendly and optimistic atmosphere. This vibrant shade pairs well with whites, blacks, and gray tones, and looks stunning with silver metallic cabinetry hardware and fixtures.

Tart Orange by Behr - house painting orange

Terracotta Orange

Glidden’s Georgian Leather is a beautiful golden, burnt orange that brings warmth and vibrancy to any space. Ashley McCollum, Glidden’s color expert, suggests it for boho and eclectic designs. It adds warmth and vibrancy to spaces filled with mixed patterns and unique decor items. Perfect for midcentury modern designs, this shade pairs well with clean lines and natural materials.

Tropical Orange

For a vacation vibe, Valspar’s Island Orange is the way to go. Sue Kim, Valspar’s director of color marketing, calls this shade bold, vivacious, and full of life. Use it for small accent areas like the back of a bookshelf or an accent wall. It also works great for outdoor spaces, capturing attention and adding modern touches to older homes.

Island Orange by Valspar - house painting orange

Peachy Orange

If you prefer a more subtle orange, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Persimmon is a fantastic choice. This shade balances the energy of tangerine with neutral undertones, making it perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. According to Ashley Banbury, the brand’s color marketing manager, it promotes positive relationships and conversation. It also complements skin tones, making it ideal for bathroom vanities and surrounding walls.

Persimmon by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams - house painting orange

Earthy Orange

Sherwin-Williams’ Cavern Clay brings an organic feel to your home. Sue Wadden, the brand’s director of color marketing, describes it as lively, warm, and connecting homeowners to nature. This reddish-orange shade is robust and provides rich depth, making it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or cozy living spaces.

Cavern Clay by Sherwin-Williams - house painting orange

Rich Orange

For a deep, earthy shade, Benjamin Moore’s Terra Mauve is an excellent option. Hannah Yeo, Benjamin Moore’s color marketing and development manager, says it brings warmth and comfort with an understated sense of luxury. This rust-colored paint has brown undertones, adding depth and intrigue to any room. Pair it with creams, blacks, or complementary blues like navy for a fresh, bold look.

Terra Mauve by Benjamin Moore - house painting orange

Peppery Orange

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Peppery is a saturated shade that embodies a fiery side, perfect for making a statement. Ashley Banbury recommends using it in small doses on doors, cabinets, and bookcases. This intense orange with red undertones was popular in midcentury design and is now experiencing a resurgence.

Peppery by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams - house painting orange

Rustic Orange

Valspar’s Rustic Oak is rich, warm, and sophisticated, making any space feel welcoming and comforting. Sue Kim suggests using it in open spaces like entryways, hallways, or living areas. For an unexpected pop of color, try it on a half wall, ceiling, or door and its trim.

Rustic Oak by Valspar - house painting orange

Pinkish Orange

Benjamin Moore’s Peach Parfait is a soft and subtle shade that brings light and brightness to any room. Hannah Yeo describes it as having just the right amount of warmth and levity. This pale, frosty shade works well with darker hues and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, or breakfast nooks to add a warm glow.

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How to Use Orange Paint in Different Rooms

Kitchens and Dining Areas

Orange is perfect for kitchens and dining areas. It brings energy, warmth, and positive vibes. Imagine having breakfast in a kitchen with a splash of orange—it’s like a morning boost!

For dining areas, orange can spark conversation and make meals more enjoyable. Use it on walls or even on a kitchen island to create a focal point. Richard Moore, design director of Martin Moore kitchens, suggests using bold colors like orange for features like kitchen islands or bench seating to add excitement without overwhelming the space.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

In living rooms and bedrooms, orange can create a sense of calmness and earthiness. It’s a color that’s easy to be around and adds a sophisticated, classic look.

For living rooms, consider earthy tones like Terracotta Orange or Rustic Orange. These shades are warm and inviting, making them perfect for cozy family gatherings. Vanessa Arbuthnott recommends using orange to enliven gray schemes, like adding an orange velvet sofa to balance a dark living room.

In bedrooms, lighter shades like Peachy Orange can create a serene and balanced environment. These hues are subtle but still provide that warm glow, making the room feel more welcoming.

Bathrooms and Entryways

Orange works wonders in bathrooms and entryways. These are spaces where you want to feel rejuvenated and welcomed.

In bathrooms, orange can complement skin tones and make the space feel fresh and invigorating. Consider using a lighter shade like Pinkish Orange or Peach Parfait for a soft, flattering look.

For entryways, a bold orange can boost curb appeal and make your home feel inviting right from the start. An orange hallway runner or a vibrant wall can set a cheerful tone for the rest of the house.

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Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior with Orange

Painting your home’s exterior with orange can be a bold and eye-catching choice. Here are some tips to make sure you get it right.

Choose the Right Shade

Orange comes in many shades, from bright citrusy tones to deep, earthy hues. Think about the location and style of your home when picking a shade. For a modern look, a bold, bright orange like Tart Orange by Behr can make your house stand out. If you prefer a more subtle, rustic feel, consider Rustic Oak by Valspar.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture

The style of your house can help determine the best way to incorporate orange. Mid-century modern homes pair well with vibrant shades like Peppery by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. For a more traditional look, try a softer, more muted orange like Persimmon by Sherwin-Williams.

Use Orange as an Accent

If painting your entire house orange feels too bold, consider using it as an accent color. An orange front door or window trim can add a modern touch to an older home. Island Orange by Valspar is a great option for creating a vacation vibe.

Pair with Complementary Colors

Orange pairs well with a variety of colors. For a sophisticated look, try combining it with deep navy blue or charcoal gray. Georgian Leather by Glidden, a rich terracotta, works beautifully with natural wood and greenery.

Test Before You Commit

Always test a small area before committing to a full paint job. Paint can look different in various lighting conditions, so take your time to see how the color looks in both sunlight and shade.

Think About Maintenance

Bright colors like orange can fade faster than more neutral tones. Make sure to use high-quality, UV-resistant paint to keep your home looking fresh longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions about House Painting Orange

Why do people paint their house orange?

Painting a house orange can bring a sense of excitement and pleasure. The color embodies abundance, enthusiasm, and passion. It’s a revitalizing hue that can give your home an oxygen boost, making it feel more vivacious and alive.

Orange is often associated with positive energy and can make a bold statement. It’s eye-catching and unusual, which can make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a modern touch or a more earthy, classic look, orange can fit various styles and preferences.

Is orange a good color for a house?

Yes, orange is a good color for a house if you want something bold and citrusy. It’s an eye-catching choice that can add character and style to your home. The suitability of orange can depend on your location and the architectural style of your house. For example, orange can look fantastic in sunny climates like Orange County, where it complements the natural surroundings.

Using high-quality, UV-resistant paint is essential to maintain the vibrant look of your orange exterior. This ensures that the color remains fresh and doesn’t fade quickly over time.

What does painting a room orange mean?

Painting a room orange can have various meanings and effects. It brings a sense of wellbeing and positive energy. Orange is a color that can make people feel calm, yet it’s also earthy and easy to be around.

In rooms like kitchens and dining areas, orange can promote warmth and positive relationships. It’s also a great choice for game rooms and living rooms, where you want to encourage conversation and a lively atmosphere. On the other hand, using softer shades of orange in bedrooms and bathrooms can create a soothing and welcoming environment.

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